Florida Casino Cruises And Gambling Boats

Florida CheckFrom Jacksonville to Miami and all points in between, Florida floating casinos give you the opportunity to experience the exciting rush of Las Vegas-style gambling and nightlife entertainment on multiple vessels departing from state ports.

What could be more enjoyable than an evening out on a cruise ship that includes fine dining, top-flight live entertainment, and responsible wagering on your favorite casino table games and card games?

Three-reel slots, five-reels slots, blackjack, roulette, craps, and all your other favorite casino games are offered on the gaming floors of these gorgeous Florida casino cruises and gambling boats.

Florida Gambling Boat Accessibility In 2024

Many of the gambling boats in Florida are available several days during the week for private rental, so you and your friends can enjoy celebrating a special event surrounded by the wonderful sights, smells and sounds that only casino entertainment on a luxurious oceangoing vessel can offer.

Some Florida gambling cruises only offer access at night, but others deliver daytime gambling fun, like the Sun Cruise Port Richie Casino, which delivers you to the floating gambling venue via water taxi throughout the day where you can enjoy their table games and over 300 slot machines! These gambling boat options are legitimate Florida gambling venues, though more players obviously prefer brick-and-mortar casinos and legal online gambling options at offshore sites.

Popular Florida Gambling Cruises

Victory Casino Cruises sail out of Port Canaveral Florida and offer sportsbook access as well as traditional Florida casino games, with both day and night cruises available. Sports betting on the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college sports, and all other major leagues throughout the world is provided by many of the floating gambling halls in Florida.

Even better, most gambling boats in Florida provide the full Vegas high roller experience, delivering a wide choice of dining options and live entertainment as well as full casino play. The beautiful Key West Harbour Yacht Club on Stock Island is one of the newest such venues, providing a 10,000-square-foot gaming area aboard a gorgeous 78-foot floating Vegas-like casino.

Distance Regulations Concerning Florida Gambling Boats

In accordance with current Florida gambling law, Florida casino cruise ships must travel a minimum of three miles offshore before they can offer any type of wagering. But the ride only takes about 30 minutes from the time these Florida gambling cruises leave the dock and reach their destinations, making it the perfect time to relax with an adult beverage and some live entertainment. You can also enjoy the time and the fresh sea air with your friends and family while experiencing the fine dining offerings that the many gambling boats in Florida are proud to deliver.

What Sets Florida Floating Gambling Destinations Apart From Vegas Casinos?

Florida has more access to intracoastal and ocean waterways than almost any other state in the US, and it only makes sense to couple the pleasurable Las Vegas-style casino experience with the relaxing atmosphere that life on the water offers.

Florida gambling cruises effectively give you a chance to step away from the hectic pace of your workaday world, and you will feel like a true Vegas high roller when you experience the famous Southern hospitality that the gambling boats in Florida are known for.

From five-star dining, live music, and comedy shows to casino-style poker, live table games, slots, and sportsbook access, you can have fun in the Florida sun while you make bank off the state's banks in international waters.

And, naturally, if you want a different and more convenient brand of offshore betting, the international online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms we recommend let you play via your smartphone or computer from anywhere in the state. On land, on sea, and online, Florida gambling has it all!