NFL Betting In Florida 2024

NFL logoThe Sunshine State is the home to three National Football League franchises and has hosted the Super Bowl more times than anywhere else in the country. Naturally, NFL betting in Florida is a booming business, as interest in professional football is as rabid as anywhere else in the USA.

If you know where to look, betting on the Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and NFL odds for all other teams can be found in Florida. That's why we've put together this guide – to inform FL-based gamblers of the best legal NFL betting Florida has to offer.

Whether you are looking for an in-person sportsbook available locally, an online NFL betting site, or a pro football gambling app, this guide has all the information you need to make a legal wager on the National Football League in FL.

Best Online Sportsbooks For NFL Betting In Florida For July 2024

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Can You Bet On NFL Games In Florida Legally?

Yes. In 2021, sports betting in Florida was authorized when the Seminole Tribe and Governor Ron DeSantis revised the existing gaming compact. There was immediate legal opposition from other gaming entities in FL, but the Seminoles are now poised to reopen sports betting in December 2023.

There are also offshore sportsbook sites that can accept NFL bets in FL. International gambling websites fall outside the jurisdiction of the United States, allowing them to take web-based bets on pro football games from FL-based players.

Current Laws Regarding NFL Football Betting In Florida

State-regulated sportsbooks can only be lawfully run by the Seminole Tribe of Florida on lands based on their revised gaming compact signed in 2021. Despite numerous lawsuits, sports betting is set to return in December 2023, in time for betting on the Super Bowl.

The tribe is permitted to accept sports bets in person at their casinos, online via their sportsbook site, and on mobile devices using their betting app.

There are no FL gambling laws that ban offshore sportsbooks because these betting sites are operating within an international legal gambling jurisdiction, which remains outside the regulatory reach of state and federal gambling restrictions.

Florida gambling laws

Is Online NFL Betting Legal In FL?

Yes. As mentioned above, sports betting offered online through Hard Rock Sportsbooks and through their betting apps can legally take place now that the Seminole Tribe has succeeded in the SCOTUS.

In the meantime, there are online sportsbooks that have been offering odds on NFL games in FL for over a decade that operate in international territories. US-based laws have no impact on overseas sportsbook sites, nor has the state attempted to pass any laws of this nature, granting the legal wiggle room for Floridians to bet on NFL odds from anywhere inside the borders of the Sunshine State without fear of prosecution.

👉🏼 Minimum Florida Gambling Age For Betting On NFL Football

Domestic sportsbooks require a minimum age of 21 to place a bet on an NFL game. The minimum age to join an overseas sports betting site and wager on NFL odds varies from 18 to 21.

Betting On Florida NFL Teams

As one of the most populated states in the USA, FL is home to multiple multiple NFL franchises. In fact, Florida is tied with New York and California for the most NFL teams with three – the Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In the following sections, we describe some popular options for betting on NFL teams in FL.

NFL Teams In Florida


Jacksonville Jaguars Betting

Florida-based gamblers can locate Jacksonville Jaguars odds at any respectable sportsbook serving the area. All 17 games on the schedule will call for the creation of Jaguars betting lines at domestic and offshore sportsbooks in FL. Players can bet on the Jaguars odds to win the AFC South, making the NFL Playoffs, or going all the way using any site we list here.

2024 Jacksonville Jaguars Odds To Win Super Bowl 58: +2500

Dolphins logo

Miami Dolphins Betting

Dolphins betting lines will be created for all preseason, regular season, and playoff games that accept action on the point spread, odds to win, and the over/under. Other Miami Dolphins bets include props for in-game occurrences, divisional odds, futures for winning the Lombardi Trophy, NFL MVP odds, and more. While domestic sports betting is legal in FL, we suggest betting on the Dolphins at an offshore sportsbook that we recommend here.

2024 Miami Dolphins Super Bowl Odds: +1600

Dolphins logo
Bucs background

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Betting

Seek, and ye shall find Buccaneer's betting lines at Florida sportsbooks, be they state-regulated or operating beyond the seaward horizon. You don't have to walk the plank at a stringent domestic FL sportsbook just to place a Bucs bet. The best and most voluminous Tampa Bay Buccaneers odds are produced at our favorite offshore sportsbooks, so check each one out before you place an NFL bet in FL.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl Odds For 2024: +12500

Bucs background

How To Bet On NFL Games In Florida

How do bettors decide how much money to risk on a football game? NFL betting is about continued enjoyment, and that can’t happen if you spend your entire bankroll on the very first wager. The key to keeping the fun going is restricting the amount of money you bet on each game or set of odds.

You need to know this information before you make a wager on a given weekend. Set aside money for an NFL betting budget that will not infringe on what's intended to pay your monthly bills. You can win a lot of money betting on the NFL in FL, but success is not likely when you're first starting out.

Have patience and pay attention to betting trends while you learn the ropes. As each weekend passes, you’ll gain more expertise and will be betting like a pro in no time. Watching your betting budget is the foundation of any solid gambling strategy.

How To Bet On NFL Games Online In Florida

The first step in finding a legit online NFL betting site in FL is browsing through our recommended sportsbooks. Click on the links we’ve provided here and check out each site’s NFL betting odds, props, and futures that they offer.

Joining more than one sportsbook keeps your options open, so you aren't trapped into a single betting line for a game. We say this so that you don't limit yourself to one betting site and cause yourself to miss out on better profits.

Here is how to set up an account at a FL sportsbook site quickly:

  1. Click on any URL we’ve provided here in this guide and press the join or join now button at the top of the sportsbook homepage.
  2. Enter any information that is requested and create a sportsbook login.
  3. Make your first sportsbook deposit.
  4. Enter the sportsbook and find the NFL betting lines inside a football or NFL tab.
  5. Click on the odds you want to bet on and enter the amount of money you want to risk.
  6. Watch the game and collect your winnings once it is over.

If you plan on placing an NFL bet with a local sportsbook in FL, the only authorized provider is the Hard Rock Sportsbook. There are no other domestic sportsbooks that are permitted to accept wagers in Florida. The minimum age to bet is 21 years old. All Florida Hard Rock sportsbooks are scheduled for a December 2023 reopening. 

Because there are no laws in place to prevent offshore sportsbook sites, they can be used for NFL betting legally in the state. However, not all sites are legitimate, so be sure to check for their licensing credentials and country of operation.

The sites that we link to on this page are located offshore and possess licenses to accept sports bets over the web from respected governments and gaming commissions. These details are presented at the bottom of the homepage on each of our preferred Florida sportsbook sites and are further explained in their terms and conditions.

We advise restricting your online betting activity to the sites we recommend to ensure legal compliance and a safe NFL betting experience.

Domestic Sportsbook Locations: The Hard Rock Casinos in Florida will open in-person sportsbooks where 21 and older players can bet on NFL games in December 2023.

Domestic NFL Betting Sites In FL: The Hard Rock Sportsbook can be accessed on computers and laptops in Florida for NFL gambling by 21 and over players. Online NFL bets have also been taking place at offshore sportsbook sites for over a decade in FL. Any site listed here can accept you as a member and will allow you to bet on NFL games right now from anywhere in the state.

Mobile NFL Betting Apps In Florida: The Hard Rock Sportsbook App is now available to anyone aged 21 and up in Florida and is offering NFL odds to patrons. Betting on NFL games using your mobile phone can also be conducted via offshore sportsbook sites that can be accessed through web browser apps like Opera and Safari.

Live NFL Betting On Games In Progress

There's often a mad rush at the betting window right before NFL games begin, but did you know gambling can occur after kickoff? NFL betting lines become live once each contest starts and usually remain open for gambling through most of the fourth quarter.

NFL live betting options include the point spread, moneyline odds for winners, and the over/under. In-game betting lines are typically removed or stricken through at some point in the second half. If you find that a site has removed a line, investigate another we recommend to see if one is still active – just one more reason to join multiple NFL sportsbook sites in FL.

Florida Betting Apps For Gambling On NFL Games

Betting on NFL games using your Apple or Android device is legal in FL, and there are two ways that you can go about doing it. Mobile betting in Florida is offered domestically and through offshore sportsbook sites.

State-Regulated FL Sports Betting Apps: The Hard Rock Sportsbook App is run by the Seminole Tribe of FL and is the only operator permitted to accept mobile wagers in the state. This app must be downloaded from the Hard Rock Sportsbook website to your device. The minimum age to download and place a bet on the Hard Rock Sportsbook app is 21.

Offshore NFL Betting Apps: Smartphones and tablets armed with a mobile web browser app can be used to click on any offshore sportsbook that we link to here. Instant access to mobile NFL betting in Florida is granted to anyone connected to the web using an Apple or Android.

BetOnline Mobile Sportsbook

How We Rank The Top NFL Sportsbooks In FL

Our team of writers belongs to many sportsbooks, and we limit our Florida betting site reviews to the ones we recommend to others. There's plenty of fish in the Florida NFL betting ocean, so we only feature the best of the best here at FBL.

Our FL online sportsbook reviews are rated on the following criteria:

Florida NFL Football Betting FAQs

There are three NFL franchises located in Florida – the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Jacksonville Jaguars. FL is tied with New York, Texas, and California with three NFL teams. Orlando would be the most likely candidate to land a fourth Florida NFL franchise as they are a major international hub and are home to the NBA’s Orlando Magic.