Florida Lottery

Florida CheckYou can play the Florida Lottery – including interstate lottos like the Powerball and Mega Millions – at any of the 10,000+ lottery retail locations throughout the state. Additionally, current Florida gambling laws do not prevent the state's residents and visitors to purchase lottery tickets online no matter where they live in the Sunshine State, though the state does not license any online platforms to provide this service.

Thanks to the global reach of the Internet, the virtual lottery experience actually gives you opportunities not present with traditional brick-and-mortar lottery retailers. Of course, you can also skip these low-key Florida gambling venues and play international lottery games at any of the best offshore betting sites that serve Sunshine State residents, or you can participate through both channels for the best of both worlds.

Online and offline gambling opportunities for Florida residents and visitors have expanded in recent years to include both land-based and Florida-friendly online casinos, gambling boats, card rooms, and race tracks, but the state lottery is still the most popular FL gambling game in terms of daily and weekly participation.

Purchasing Florida Lottery Tickets Online In 2024

Florida does not prohibit online lottery purchases that are conducted through a third party courier service, though over the years these types of vendors have dwindled significantly. We actually do not have any reputable options to recommend to you at this time.

The state does not support any online lottery purchase platform that provides direct purchase opportunities, so a third party courier service is your only option if you are not physically able to visit a retail location.

Lottery Games Available At Domestic FL Lottery Sites

The Florida Lottery, Mega Millions, Powerball, Mega Money, and other smaller lotteries (as well as hundreds of different scratch-offs) are offered throughout FL at virtually any convenience store or grocery store, but it's even more convenient to buy lottery tickets online. Plus, you'll also get access to international lotteries!

For example, Florida online gambling legislation currently does not prevent players from legally purchasing tickets in the La Premitiva Spanish National Lottery, the Italian SuperEnalotto, or the EuroMillions National European Lottery from any Florida Internet connection.

To do so, players buy international and Florida lottery tickets by utilizing physical messenger services located around the globe. For a small fee per transaction, these companies use professional couriers to purchase your tickets on your behalf at physical lottery retail outlets in participating countries.

How Online Lottery Tickets Work

While you can technically buy FL lotto tickets online, the process isn't as simple as it could be in this age of apps and instant gratification. Instead of logging into the lottery sites themselves, players use courier services as stand-ins or proxies, buying tickets through them.

These tickets are then scanned and the images are emailed to your personal account. Some websites even assist you in collecting any lottery winnings, and this makes the purchase of Florida lotto tickets quick and convenient for all Sunshine State residents and visitors. Since a person located somewhere else in Florida is physically buying your tickets for you (and you are paying them for this service), this is an entirely legitimate transaction.